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Are you thinking about attending grad school in computer science or robotics? Ever wondered what makes a strong application?

We are excited to announce three information sessions where we’ll talk about the Why, What and How of grad school. During three sessions we will go over the several aspects of applying to grad school:

Each session will facilitated by both professors and graduate students from the CMU Robotics Institute.

Who is this for?

We expect these sessions to benefit anyone from anywhere in the world who is interested in graduate school in robotics or a related area, especially those thinking about graduate school in the US.

When will the sessions be held and how can I watch?

The sessions will all be held on Zoom webinars and will be hosted at the following times:

Will the sessions be recorded?


All sessions will be live streamed to youtube so they can be watched after the live session. We will also do our best to answer any remainging questions in the YouTube comments. You will be able to watch the sessions on the Explore Robotics YouTube channel.

Where can I find the slides used during the webinar?

You can find the presentation that we used during the webinar here.

Have any questions you would like answered?

If you have any questions that you’d like faculty and grad students to talk about, make sure to submit them here.